Saturday, August 7, 2010

Young love

this picture of our wedding reception was taken with a disposable camera by a 5 year old and it is my favorite!
this was our Jr year formal dance

I think the next few post i will write about how our family became a family!

Adam and I met when we were in Jr. high school but it was not love at first sight we just kind of were friends. Well i don't know if your suppose to have love at first sight when you are 12. Then in high school we spent freshman year getting to know one another we had computer class and health class and PE together. I do have to admit that during this freshman year i had another boyfriend nothing that was going to last but it was what it was. Well he and I broke it off(he dumped me). We has all the same friends and they wanted us to stay together but I like Adam. They through a double surprise party for my ex and I. Since it was a surprise party I thought it was only for my ex so I invited Adam and he came it was my 15Th birthday. Adam was so embarrassed when it came time to give presents because he had nothing for me but I didn't care i was happy he was just there.

about 1 month later we went out with a group of friends.. I really liked him a lot but he had strict rules in his house that he could not date but he begged his mom and they prayed and well the next night at church he asked me to be his girlfriend. He was 14 i was 15 and we never broke up took a break or any thing..

5 years to the date we got married and could not be happier! We have now been married for 5 years and we learn a little more about each other every year.

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