Tuesday, August 17, 2010

8 months

I can't believe it but little miss Taylor Tot is 8 months old.

Where do i start you are 16lbs and about 28 in long just like your brothers you are skinny and tall. Teething has been happening for some time now but you do have two teeth on the bottom and are working on the top! You are still wearing a size six-nine months and you are still in a size two diaper. The diaper size makes me happy because the smaller the diaper the more in the pack.

You are "army crawling" you can get any where that you want. You eat everything that i give you. You have brought so much love and light in to our home. Your smile is so precious and you continually are handing them out.

You think the world of your brothers. They are always so gently with and concerned about you. I have had to have long talks with them about feeding you because they have been trying to feed you things that you can't quit manage yet.

I wish time would slow down and you would just stay this little for ever because you are so much fun right now. We love you!!!

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