Monday, August 30, 2010

The Daily Bailey

OK well I have been a bad blogger but forgive me i am new at this, I guess if I want to live up to this title of the daily Bailey i might want to come close to blogging daily. We have not been up to very much. Adam has been working a ton of over time like 11 strait 12 hour shifts this has been a crazy adjustment from him being off for a whole year. We miss him being here so much. I think Connor is taking it the hardest but i try to explain it to him the best i can.

Gavin had his PE tubes put in his ears 1 week ago he did great. my last post about him is a thing of the past because he is now a different child he is happier and sleeps better he is talking better already. God answered so many prayers by getting him in so fast. There were 2 cancellations that happen to give us better dates and I am so thankful as we don't know come November what our insurance situation will look like if Adam Job has yet to hire him back as a permanent worker.

We have had some great wather for the past couple of days. I can't wait for it to really be fall I love the holidays so much!

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