Saturday, September 11, 2010

Long week

OK well the week started with my Best friend Danielle having her baby a precious baby girl.

They named her Camryn she is so cute. They have one daughter named Raya who I watched as she was in labor on Sunday. I took her plus my three to a family birthday party on Sunday. I have to add that I was by my self because Adam was working and 4 didn't feel any harder than three. Well on the way there Raya proclaimed that "Sister was here" this was strange because she didn't want to talk to me about it because she missed her momma and daddy she is 2 1\2. I thought well i wonder if the baby was just born so I checked the clock in my car it was 1:49 pm. We got to the party and got the kids settled in the play room as awaited the call to see how mom and baby were doing. After what seemed like forever(like maybe 20 min) Danielle called to tell me the news Baby Camryn was here 7lb 11 oz 19 1\2 in and lots of hair and doing fine. I was so excited that i hung up the phone and forgot to ask the time she was born. I called back and asked her and it was at 1:48 pm crazy gave me chills how could she have know that the baby was born.

I can' believe that between the two of us we now have 5 kids 4 and under. Danielle is a great mom and Camryn is so luck to have such a sweet big sister. Now the girls out number the boys! 3 girls 2 boys. But now fear my other best friend is having her first boy in November just in time to even the score up.

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